Light Cider


Savanna Light is an apple cider from South Africa. It’s the cider of choice amongst those who appreciate the lighter side of life. Get in touch if you can’t find Savanna Light in Thailand.

Did you know that Savanna is gluten free and vegan friendly?


Launched in 2000, Savanna Light is a lighter apple cider. Lower in alcohol percentage doesn’t mean it tastes like anything less than the original.

Made from the same tasty apples as Savanna Dry, Savanna Light smacks of crisp apples balanced by sweet honey flavours.

Have you embraced the lighter cider life yet?


Forget lemonade! Chop them up and shove them into the neck of a bottle of Savanna Light. Remember that this rather sleek looking cider is simply our light-hearted take on Savanna Dry, so it’s best enjoyed exactly the same way.

Banting? Savanna Light is gluten and wheat-free and perfectly complements a range of cauliflower dishes.

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